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SYTYCD Season Six

SYTYCD Season Six, originally uploaded by sytycdism.

They (almost) all look like models this season. Looks like the new 90210

(via Photo Focus) Sammon’s Short and Sweet Shooting Session #6 – 10 Key Factors To a Good Photograph
2009 August 27
tags: success
by scottbourne

Image and Post by Rick Sammon – Follow Rick Sammon on Twitter

10 Key Factors To a Good Photograph

1) Interesting subject.

2) Nice setting or background.

3) Good lighting.

4) Careful composition.

5) Expert exposure.

6) Careful focus.

7) Correct lens choice.

8) Correct f-stop shutter speed combo.

9) Feeling or emotion you are trying to capture – and share. (Often overlooked, by the way.)

10) Creative post-processing.

Print this out and stuff it in your camera bag. See, it’s not really that hard to make a good picture.

P.S. I took the shot on the left with my G10 and the shot on the right with my 5D Mark II. Remember, cameras don’t take pictures……

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Otis redding - Try a Little Tenderness

Favs - 9

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Got lazy with this one, so this is just my latest 36 favs from Flickr, dating back from Nov, 2008.

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jack, sad

Strength, originally uploaded by Espinal™.

Franklyn Espinal aka Espinal™ is a NYC artist that I discovered about 2 years ago. Again, I love his photostream but I chose this particular picture for a personal reason. I've been wanting to take a "mascara running" picture for years now and I've asked almost every model I worked with. But I want to take it even further and really explore the ugly/beautiful aspect of emotion. Can never seem to get it together, but I won't stop trying.

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Housemates, originally uploaded by Violator3.

This one is by another one of my favorite photogs on Flickr and I know her only by the name Violator 3. I think her real name is Mara and she's from Italy.

You can see some of her more popular pics in this set here but the reason I chose this picture to represent her is because happens to to have two very similar tattoos to myself. I have a bass clef on my left shoulder and a phoenix across my back.

Not only is she a great photographer but she's also one of the growing breed of women on Flickr who take some fantastic self portraits. One of these days I want to make a post about my favorites out of that group but Violator3 is way more than that so she gets her own entry.
Check her out and if you have a Flickr account add her as a contact so that you don't miss a thing.

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"Because I am awesome."

Because I am awesome., originally uploaded by aknacer.

I barely post here so I think once in a while I'll just post a cool picture that I find on Flickr. The caption on this is killer too:

I am having a badass day and I want you to know it.
Everything good is happening to me.
Everyone loves me.
And I love them.
And this is proof.
That "Emotional" photos don't always have to be "sad" photos.
Take that bad days, bring on the good!

Here I come to save the daaaaaayy!!
My favorite story from last week is about the two guys dressed as Batman & Superman that got arrested in Times Square.  The part that hits close to home for me was that last month when I was out there with @batgirlbabs shooting some pics, we ran into these two.  While we were there talking to them, the cops came over and started busting our balls that day too. But I was able to smooth it out with them and they let us go on. Poor guys really needed a diplomat like myself that day :)

This is one of the pics I was able to snap off -

Flickr Groups
Flickr has the real stick up their ass when it comes to "sexy" pictures. It seems like its ok for the picture itself to be sexy, but if you add any keywords that would indicate that its a sexy picture, or if you add it to any so called "sexy" Flickr groups, then they consider the picture itself less interesting.

For those of you that don't know, Flickr has a top secret formula that they use to determine what they call the Interestingness of a picture. They use it to decide what the Best 500 pictures of the day are. It can also be used on an individual user basis to see which of your pictures are more intersting than the others.

I have a photoset on my Flickr that is automatically refreshed once a day and it shows my Top 100 pictures in my photostream. I try to be very careful what I tag in my pictures and which groups I add them too because I kinda like when a picture of mine is deemed Interesting. So before I join any groups, I make sure that it doesn't have any questionable pictures in it that would give MY picture a negative mark.

So today I joined a group called Glamour Photography that I thought was ok and I wanted other people to see my work and perhaps give feedback. I added the picture you see here and it IMMEDIATELY dropped from #17 on my Interesting pics to #73. Whoa! I guess Glamour is now a dirty word. 

Live and learn.

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4th of July party pics

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